Writers Characters

Here is a list of characters and the people who are writing them:

Michael Johnson: A Junior, dating Lindsay. Harry is writing Michael. Has a strong inner-monologue but is generally introverted. If you want to IM him, use scotchtapedude21

Julio Ramón: a sophomore who has sex with John, the principal. Will's writing Julio, AIM codingatdawn.

Chester Masters, 14 years old, skipped a year in elementary school, very small, only about 5ft tall. Brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. Nora's writing it, IM her at FirstMateNora.

Chloe Crohnenblatt: Sophomore, believes she has magical powers. Voiced by Noah Appelbaum; AIM: OMGitsNoah

Lindsay Corcoran: Dating Michael. She's totally cute. She has a secret, and she's not telling Micahel. Dan's writing Lindsay, and you can IM him at dcopulsky.

Carson McFly: 12 year old Freshmen with beautiful blonde curls who skipped two grades and has intense anxiety. Spends all day drawing on desks. Starring Marlon Battad as Carson. you can IM Marlon at splatterhorses

Sara Johnson: A senior. Micheal's big sister. Thinks she's very cool. A pseudodruggie. Written by Kat Corcoran, IM gpiggrl

Jacqueline Loft: alienated sophomore. Occasionally talks to Julio. New to town, moves around a lot. Parents are shady. Sick of it all. Laura's writing this one: moc.liamg|siroda#moc.liamg|siroda

Clara Hayes, 15, a sophmore, this is her first year at this school. she's quiet and a little bit odd. She likes watching people but doesnt exactly like being around them. Hannah's writing this, IM at Mei Lux Aeterna.

Matt Kukuchka, 18. Matt is a senior who is failed the second grade and is a year older than all of his peers. He's neurotic, embittered, and hateful. He is violently insecure as well, but appears as sociable as he can. He has wanted to move away since he was 6. Written by C.J. Foss. IM him at KingOfPenguins50

Evangeline Swiftland- 17, senior. Very much "on track" with her life. Top of her class, head of all of the sports teams she's on, first chair saxophone in band. Has started to become disillusioned with her whole life of perfection a while back. Has a older boyfriend who she met at work. Conflicted about her feelings for her best friend who left to go to college.

Valerie: mccabe zalgado
little (as in physically quite petite, some people can hardly see her
she's so dark and small) immigrant girl.
out of the picture irish mother. fucking bitch. mccabe isn't bitter except
for the fact that she wishes instead of this fat boy irish name she has,
she could be called something really spectacular like "gloria" or "petal."
We all have dreams. We all have regrets.
The bitter one is her sobbing, sopping mop piece of pathetic that is her
father, hernando "paul" zalgado. he never got over mcCabe's mother, McCabe
the First. She had red hair and left him after his daughter was born for a
tennis player named Bill whom everyone referred to as Chaps. Fuck Chaps.
He ruined Hernando Paul.
They live in an adobe hut and have lots of dogs that the neighbors think
are rabid. They eat raw meat and Hernando Paul never remembers to do the
dishes or anything like that so that could account for McCabe jr's bad
skin. Hernando Paul tries to be a hip dad who;s in with the kid stuff so
he buys McCabe sexy clothes and high heels that she wears to please him
and then changes into cable knits when she gets to school Hernando Paul
rides around in a wheel chair because he's hates walking and he's addicted
to pain killers. Sometimes he falls asleep at the wrong time. Obviously,
McCabe has few friends except for the 11 year old chubby black girl that
lives next door and has crossed eyes. McCabe does not want to go to high
school this year because crowds freak her out and she knows she won't
have any friends.

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