Updates From Headquarters

This page will be continually updated with updates from the Formal Lounge, or the informal Headquarters of the project.

Please, people, post your narratives to the appropriate chapter pages, for example, 7 Am to 8 Am.

8:15 PM EST

Only six people are currently here, but people have said they will be writing from other places. Bildungsroman has been mentioned. There have been a few ideas, but nothing has been discussed yet except for Bernie Rodgers and the ten pizzas that are coming.

9:45 PM EST

We have an agreed-upon idea and we have begun writing. Check The Novel page and Writers Characters page for updates.

10:08 PM EST

Those joining us from afar who can only stay for a set period of time should pick a time either before or after the explosion and incorporate their character's disappearance into their story.

11:51 PM EST

Morale is low. We're down to 5 people from the peak of ten. People are going to sleep or writing in other places. Still, the novel trucks on. Two of the ten pizzas are finished. There is so much pizza. My god so much pizza.

4:08 AM GMT - England
What are people living in U.S. EST doing going to sleep?

1:26 AM EST
Writing is happening. There are six pizzas left. Come on, people. There was a meeting to discuss the explosion. It was fun. We are all slowly starting to hate each other. Marlon doesn't talk very much. The lights outside the formal lounge switched off, which means no one has walked by recently, which means it's officially late.

8:24 AM IST - Israel
I think I have missed the boat. and I have to go eat breakfast and then talk about Israeli society, so I can't write now. Please write in a socialist Jew character in my honor. Don't lost hope! this sounds amazing.

3:38 AM EST
Daylight Saving Time has kicked in, and so it feels like 4:38 AM here. Meanwhile, the loyal power on through, due to the aid of the Mountain Goats and lots of snacks. People keep walking by and asking what we're doing, and right now some people are making a collage. Anarchy make break loose soon. Hopefully we will all remain strong. Body count is holding at six people. There is at least one person somewhere else writing, and we have no idea who they are.

4:51 AM EST
It's not exactly that hope has been given up. We're all still writing. I don't think any of here really expect to reach the mark tonight. or today. Whatever.

8:38 AM EST

We're so close. Harry left. But then we got a big second wind. Dan started plowing real hard. 10,000 words alone in those last hours. We might be there already. Or almost.

**9:00 AM EST*
We win.

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