Universal Facts

These are things that are true in the universe of the story.

  • There is a school bus. The driver's name is Ernie.
  • Classes are hourly.
  • There's a first period math class (Algebra II), taught by Mr. Jackson, young, black, smooth.
  • The school is shaped like a U, with a parking circle in the middle of it. There's a parking lot in the back.
  • There's a first period chemistry class with Dr. Godfrey.
  • There's a nurse named Ms. Hollingsworth.
  • There is no cell phone service in the school. The only place to get service is in the traffic circle outside.
  • It is a cloudy day.
  • There is a painting class at 11:00.
  • The school has a lacrosse team. They are very competitive, but always lose the big game with their rival Sherwood High.
  • The school has a bell that goes off every hour.
  • There is a Junior English class at 9:00.
  • There is a factory in town where many of the parents work. It is a steel mill. The factory also produces metal-based pigments used in paints.
  • The school is called William Mason High School
  • The principal's suicide, shortly before noon, left an open window in his office.
  • Around 12:30, Chloe seizes control of the PA system and announces that "the day of reckoning is upon us"
  • There is a padlock on a chain on inside of the school's front door.
  • There's a World History class with Dr. Shrub from 1 to 2.
  • Everything sucks.
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