The Novel

Setting: First day of high school. Please check Universal Facts before you start writing, and add things as you see fit.

Characters: Each person working on the piece writes from the point of view of one student. Talk to other people who are working on the piece if you want to incorporate their characters to your own writing. For example, if Harry wants his character to eat lunch with Dan's, Harry can say "Hey, Dan! At 11:00, we'll go to lunch and eat chicken salad." Then both Harry and Dan will write about this from their characters' perspectives.

Chapters/Sections: Each section should be one hour long and follow the same character, and roughly 800 words. Start at 7:00 AM-8:00AM.

The Twist: At 11:30, there will be an emergency assembly called, where the principal will anounce that there has been a chemical explosion at a factory in town, where many of the student's parents work. The school goes on lockdown due to a biohazard. See The Explosion for more.

What a novel concept.

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