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This is a page for people who want to stay informed about this project to write down their contact information.

Noah Appelbaum!
I don't know what I will be doing next Saturday, but if I have time this seems like a cool project.
(+44) 0793.525.7056

Caity Coffin
I, too, am unclear about next Saturday's agenda, but am very glad you created this site to allow far-off Rockers to participate. Can't wait to see the results.

C.J. Foss
I have work Saturday from 4 to 10, but I also never sleep, so I'll be there for something.

Rory Macrae-Gibson
I no never know nothin. Hopefully all becomes clear.
914 262 1971

Dara Levy-B
Also away, 6 hours ahead, and not really sure what will be going on tomorrow in the wee hours. But I will try to work on it if I can.
(972) 052-329-4167

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