The Simon's Rock community organized an event to collaboratively write a novel (50,000 words) in one night.

Starting March 3rd, shortly after 8pm, the dwindling group succeeded shortly before 9am (14 hours later—it was dst night) with meeting the goal.


I meant to polish stuff up a bit, but put it off for a while, until mid-February 08. I've just reorganized everything so it flows in one continuous narrative. It's currently at http://dancopulsky.com/novel.htm, because it was too big to post on one page here and would have lost some formatting. I still plan to do a proofread, check with the other authors to make sure what I've done doesn't offend them, and give them a chance to read and correct the draft. Then, it will be "done," I guess.

-Dan Copulsky


If you wrote the "Sandra" section and want credit, please let us know who you are.


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